Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Melbourne CC News

I've just received Melbourne Chess Club's issue number 5 of their club newsletter. In case you're wondering about their new website (which looks to be at this address,, the following is the update:

The website has been thoroughly worked on by Bob Krstic and Janis Lesinskas and is very, very close to release now. The structure is complete and 95% of the content has been added. We could’ve released it earlier, but we decided that a perfect finished product was worth waiting for rather than releasing an unfinished website just to get it done quickly.

However, the best news I read is the regular Saturday allegro. These events are reportedly sponsored by a local joint the Gypsy Bar on Brunswick Street. Sounds like my kind of event! I'm definitely heading down. 12 September will be the day.


Garvin said...

How does one sign up to receive the newsletter?

Anonymous said...

Melbourne Chess Club Wall Art

Quote from Grant in the same newsletter above the section you quoted:

The mural on the outside wall is almost complete now and is not only keeping the graffiti away (its intended purpose), but is also giving the club much needed publicity. Numerous people have been photographing it and many have come in and asked about the club after seeing the mural! People finally know that the old black building is a chess club!!!

see here:

[Subject to permissions this might be an article for you to follow up on in its own right.]

Anonymous said... is now open