Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Old Boys CC

It's again at the Old Boys Chess Club. And this one is kinda special! From our inside woman:

Your good friends at ***CHESS CLUB*** humbly invite you down to The Hutch town for a very special birthday edition of ***CHESS CLUB***. Thats right, little ***CC*** has hit the Terrible Twos and is all grown up!

Will there be musics?? Musics to feast your ears upon aplenty! Be an early bird and catch a delicious worm by the name of DJ CLASSICAL.

We are also lucky enough in confirm Sydneys' very own master of ceremonies MASHY P! Spinning a back-by-popular-demand-set.

Back from an extended sea-food-extender bender, with a rare 'not a totally shit set time', ***CC*** gives you one MUNTED MONKEY. Drunk. Possibly face down. And 'old faithful' and the the inventor of bunting, CHRIS LEGO will be keeping your ears in check.

So bring it back to the chess, dress up or dress down or don't get dressed at all and make your way down to El Hutcho Relaxo on THURSDAY THE 6TH OF AUGUST. Early birds get birthday prizes and Chess-Warrior respect! From 7pm till I win the party.

Sound: Jermy
Visuals: Interacial Pawn
Lighting: Barry Love, Newtown Variety, ***CC***
Snack attacks: Fry Master Steve & Aust-Diggity & 70s cocktail cheesy snack collective!
chess: youz

BYO board and cold gold from hip to hat!

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