Monday, September 17, 2007

ACF Overlooks States

Our brothers and sisters in Western Australia can be understadably displeased with the Australian Chess Federation. In the national body's most recent e-newsletter, there is no mention of WA's currently ongoing state chess championships. Western Aussies must be wondering just how hard is it for any half-decent ACF official, at least those involved in the e-newsletter, to just make a quick check of the CAWA website. Just be pro-active!

For the boys in the ACF, here's a simple tip. With your little fingers, you can start a little count.

This little piggy is the NSWCA. And this little piggy is CV. While this little piggy is CAQ. This little piggy is SA and this one is TCA. This one is the ACT and, lastly, this one is CAWA. There. Easy, ain't it?

Oh, but wait, there's nothing on the NSWCA state championships either! Why these guys even bother I just don't know, I really don't. But they do have a mention of the Malaysian Open - some two weeks after the event ended - plus a link to Chessbase.

Somebody please remind me again of the ACF's purpose.

In case you're wondering: after 6 rounds Tristan Boyd remains unbeaten and leads by a half point in front of sole second placer Jay Lakner. And in Sydney, FM Greg Canfell surges ahead to another title win as he yesterday downed danger man Johny Bolens.

Turning now to OS, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, David Smerdon will possibly enter the upcoming Isle of Man, slated from 22 Sep to 30 Sep. David's entry has since been fully confirmed as we can now see his name in the list of participants. Also entering the tournament is Manuel Weeks. Good luck to both.

And before I forget, let me say happy birthday international master David Smerdon! He is 23 today. All power to David and may you return to our shores with the GM title fully in the bag!


Kevin Bonham said...

Surely it's up to those who want to use the ACF newsletter to publicise or report on their events (or any events) to send in information to that effect - this is how the Newsletter has normally operated for the several years I've been receiving it, at any rate.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit precious.

In the same newsletter, the ACF was pretty much begging for someone - anyone - to volunteer to be the newsletter editor.

Instead of just sniping at those who volunteer their time and effort, why don't you put your money where your mouth is, be part of the solution, and volunteer yourself?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I gave them, those who actually put their hand up to create a fancy newsletter, a tip. That's my solution.

If they were bothered to check the Chessbase website, then surely they could be bothered to check AUSTRALIAN chess websites.


Anonymous said...

I largely agree with TCG. It does seem silly that part of the ACF newsletter is taken up with reporting on overseas events when it makes more sense for the ACF, considering its charter, to utilise that space to report on Aussie events instead. Besides there are plenty of websites that report on overseas events. Still, at least the ACF's newsletter is a considerable improvement on that joke of a NSWCA newsletter.

The second reader post mentioned that in their latest newsletter, the ACF was pretty much begging for someone - anyone - to volunteer to be the newsletter editor. What I find bizarre is that similar pleas were made about a year ago and a very experienced chess identity with excellent journalistic credentials offered to take over the newsletter. I refer of course to Peter Parr who for many years has written an excellent weekly chess column in the Sydney Morning Herald. So what did the ACF do? Due to petty Aussie chess politics they rejected Parr's generous offer. Dennis Jessop preferred to continue as editor rather than have Parr take over, despite Dennis stating that he wanted to resign from the position of editor in order to concentrate on other things. As long as organisations like the ACF and NSWCA put petty chess politics ahead of the good of the game is it any wonder that Aussie chess is in such a mess?

Kevin Bonham said...

"If they were bothered to check the Chessbase website, then surely they could be bothered to check AUSTRALIAN chess websites" - but how do you know it was the newsletter editor checking Chessbase as opposed to the person who submitted copy?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I don't need to know and it really doesn't matter who submitted the foreign copy.

The main thing is that if you're going to have an ACF newsletter, then the guy editing the thing should check state association websites for state news. That they're apparently desperate for copy should be ample motivation to do that.


DeNovoMeme said...

What does the ACF and the NSWCA have in common?
Ties one to the other?
Which malaise do they both suffer?
Can the NSWCA find and excise its cancer?
What lies sclerosing in the bowels of the ACF?

It is known that I too would edit the newsletter! But hey, when the the NSWCA says no, so says the ACF.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the chess, rather than all the wrangling that hold Aus back...

I see Moulthun is now listed for Isle of Man as well. He did tell me that he was going to play, but I had almost given up seeing his name listed.

Good luck to him - hopefully the 3rd IM norm will happen this time.


Anonymous said...

The ACF once again shows its complete lack of effort in promoting chess throughout the states, and completely overlooks WA it seems. Dennis Jessop, Bill Gletsos, Kevin Bonham, etc. appear more interested in goofing off on chesschat than on getting bums in chairs at chess tournaments. Its very sad that these individuals refuse to move aside for those who would actually make some effort at publicising major chess events held throughout the states.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Like who?


Anonymous said...

TCG, you suggest in your post that the ACF looks at state chess websites and gets info on Aussie tournaments from them to put in its email newsletter. In this vein you go on to note that there is nothing on the NSWCA state championships in the ACF newsletter. I fully agree with this principle that you advocate, as the ACF newsletter should indeed be reporting more on Aussie chess and less on overseas chess.

But mate, why would anyone rely on the NSWCA website for up to date infoo on the NSW state champs? The NSWCA website hasn't updated info on the NSW State Champs for several weeks! Have a look and a good laugh at how useless the NSWCA are! Speaking of the state champs, they are a joke. With only 7 rounds being played for what is supposed to be NSW premier event it is not surprising that players voted with their feet with only 34 players turning up. 4 out of the 8 players in the championship division have ratings under 2000. Two of these 8 players Huynh and Camer have forfeited their last few games as they can't be bothered to turn up to this joke tournament any more. With all due respect to Greg Canfell, the title of 2007 NSW State Champion for 2007 needs to be annulled for the sake of integrity when one compares the 2007 joke with previous NSW state championships.