Monday, September 03, 2007

NCFP Under Attack! From Inside

I was in the middle of writing my NSW State Championships report when suddenly this letter came to my inbox. It came from Sammy Estimo, executive director of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines, and addressed to Manny Benitez, editor of an RP chess rag called "The Weekender".

This is so hot that I have to put Aussie matters temporarily on hold. I quote Mr Estimo's letter below in full without alteration.


Dear Sir:

The National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) is a queer sports association with identity problems. Its official address in its Articles of Incorporation has been abandoned without any board resolution effecting the same. Except when it banned some prominent players, the NCFP board of directors has not met with a quorum since it was treacherously organized in March, 2006. The NCFP is now facing a suit because of the questionable banning of the players. One director was also sued for libel over the same issue.

During his time, FIDE Honorary Chair Florencio Campomanes always consulted the old PCF board on important policy matters. It was the lawful thing for him to do despite the presence then of “rebel” directors in the PCF.

It is different today. Only 2 or 3 directors consult each other and decide the fate of Philippine Chess, never mind the suggestions of the majority members of the board.

The NCFP is the only organization in the world whose executive director is the last to know about the program of activities of his own federation. It is actually being managed by a busybody director who has no mandate from the board, but is cleverly taking advantage of the understandable “silence” of its generous president. This director takes his orders from Russia and from Tagaytay City. He has also headed all delegations to international chess competitions using funds of the federation and from financial assistance given by the Philippine Sports Commission.

Local grandmasters are complaining about their unequal treatment vis-à-vis their foreign counterparts competing in our shores. Local arbiters are also ruing the employment of foreign arbiters in our own tournaments when there are enough of them who are equally, if not, more qualified. Local players lament the disappearance of national events with rich prizes just to accommodate international tournaments, all of which were won by foreign GMs. And FIDE ratings of local players appear or disappear depending on how their images project on the radar screen of a Russia-based NCFP director.

The NCFP today is a rudderless sports boat!

Very truly,

NCFP Executive Director


Exciting stuff ahead for RP chess but not for the right reasons. Can this derail recent improvements in the local chess scene in the Philippines? Let's hope not for that would be a real tragedy.


Anonymous said...


[OK, every party has their motivations...] ... but overall..

well done sammy

Anonymous said...

weather-weather lang yan! during the late 90s, ERAP, 2001 up to now GMA. same in RP chess, there's always politics. noon, edgar de castro and his wards, then the new ncfp headed by eugene, now, pichay era. that's life! e di umalis kayo dyan! if you have no faith or trust in your fellow directors, or you do not like the leadership of pichay, then leave. no one is indispensable. just come back when the right time comes. atty sammy, if you are really good and righteous, people will remember you.
about the game fixing, go to luneta or to the Quezon Memorial Circle, talk to the ordinary chess tournament player, they will tell you that they too are into it. parte-parte sa kita, kesa mawalan pa ng pera kung lalaban ka ng parehas. some of them naman are selling their games mostly to kids and women players who are willing to give money, hehehe. atty sammy, come down to your pedestal and be an ordinary mortal, talk to them incognito and you will know how desperate most of our players now. BAD KARMA, pinoys always at the losing end during bigtime tournaments in their own land, well except for a few, notably wesley so and hamed nouri, hardworking, sincere individuals, and of course the first, GM Torre.

The other problem besides the game fixing (even age-groupers are subjected to this), is the penchant of pinoys to make yabang, they are too arrogant, but lazy when it comes to preparation, compared to the Chinese players. Pinoys did not learn anything from their experience here with such chinoys as henry sy, john gokongwei. it will take a century perhaps for these pinoys to wake up, while our new heroes, the OFWs, continue to sacrifice for them.

Anonymous said...

torre? hmmmm......

Anonymous said...

NCFP answers!!!