Friday, September 07, 2007

Chess Today Host

A couple of days ago we asked, "who was the host of "Chess Today" and during which years?" Well, our first anonymous poster got it right. It was, indeed, none other than Florencio Campomanes who produced and hosted "Chess Today" from 1973 to 1982. I owe that little tid bit to Bobby Ang in this column last February.

Before I go and try to enjoy what's left of this gray Friday in Sydney, here's a bit of gossip for you. We haven't had too many of these lately.

We understand that a certain Pinay starlet is on her way to Mexico. Oh la la! I sure wish I had my own two-legged talisman like that. Though in my case, could be more of a distraction.

Have a good weekend all.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
This is in connection of chess hosting in TV, unlike before the
chess matches of GM Eugene Torre
with IM Cardoso was televised.

I wonder why there is no feature
of any chess tournament in any TV channel, such as Solar Sports. Could we do something about this
matter? Thank you..