Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Get Into Blogging

You might have read Shaun Press' article on chess blogging in the most recent Australian Chess Magazine. If you've been inspired to start a blog (certainly not necessarily a chess blog for that matter) and still just thinking about it, then let me say, "just do it already!" Individuals, clubs, state bodies and even the ACF should all start one.

For the latter two groups, just consider the advantages: no complicated web management, fast publishing, multi-user, cheap (in many cases free, like my current host) and strict content governance (i.e. you can stop potentially controversial comments or disable comments altogether).

If these guys consider blogging, I hope they don't do follow the example of AGIMO. Say what - AGIMO?

Never heard of them either - but that's the Australian Government Informational Management Office within the Department of Finance and Administration. AGIMO has recently published a discussion paper to guage the Australian people's view on whether the government should launch a consultation blog. Yes, these bureaucrats really are serious!

We agree with Duncan Riley, writing for TechCrunch:

Now whilst it’s great to see a sovereign nation officially consider a blogging strategy, I want what ever it is the soon-to-be former Government is smoking; the irony of launching a consultation paper on a consultation blog seems lost on them. Certainly deciding to run a blog based on a lengthy consultation process by itself seems to me to prove that they shouldn’t be blogging at all; after all, if the purpose of having a consultation blog is to gain feedback from the public, wouldn’t they just be better off launching the blog and taking feedback from the public via the blog rather than launching a consultation paper that probably cost six figures to come up with by a committee of high paid public servants who love nothing more than creating papers like this as a means to avoid real exposure to the will of the public? A little cynical perhaps, but reading a paper that describes blogs like 2002 called again can do that to you.

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