Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reilly Aims for Norm

This tournament has been a bit under our radar, but the 2007 George Trundle NZ Masters Tournament in Auckland features three Aussies - FM Tim Reilly, IM Stephen Solomon and GM Darryl Johansen.

Sydneysider Tim Reilly is just a draw away from an IM norm after last night beating local FM Bob Smith. But Reilly will have a big task ahead against visiting English grandmaster Stuart Conquest.

Meanwhile, across in Europe, IM Alex Wohl is in action in Munich. He won the first game against Adelbert Zohr.

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Anonymous said...

Leading scores after Round 9: Stuart Conquest 7/9;
Darryl Johansen, Stephen Solomon 6.5/9,
Tim Reilly 5.5/9;
Bruce Watson (Trophy for best NZ player) 5/9;
Robert Smith, Nicholas Croad 4.5/9
Stephen Lukey 3/9
Michael Steadman 1.5/9
Hilton Bennett 1/9