Friday, September 07, 2007

Undefeated Smerdon in Liverpool

Six games in and IM David Smerdon is still undefeated in the Liverpool 800th Anniversary International Open. He now has 4.5 points that includes a win against England's GM Mark Hebden. Here's the concluding fragment.

Position after 30. Kh2

30...Rc1 31. Rxc1 Nxc1 32. Qe8+ Kh7 33. Qxf7 Qf5 34. Qa7 Qf8 35. e4 Nd3 36. d5 exd5 37. exd5 Qc5 38. Qf7 a2 39. Qxh5+ Kg8 40. Qe8+ Kh7 41. Qe4+ Kh8 42. Qe8+ Kh7 43. d6 a1=Q 44. d7 Nxf2 45. Bxf2 Qae5+ 46. Bg3 Qed4 47. Bf2 Qcd6+ 0-1

Also playing in the event is Manuel Weeks who, so far, has a tally of 3.5 points. GM Alberto David leads overall on 5 points.

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