Tuesday, September 25, 2007

6th Asian Official Site

Our thanks to an anonymous poster for this info. We've now got an "official site" for the 6th Asian Individual Chess Championships in Cebu. Just point your browsers to www.philchesslive.com. I think that site may have been already around from day 1 or earlier. It's just that we didn't know about it!

The site should have everything we'll need: reports, games, results and so on. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

mabuti na sa wala website.

same old tiresome pathetic faces of campo and abundo. late and incomplete games. wala guid class.

and wala guid motivation sa filipino talents, and it shows.

but maybe the truth is, the filipino chess powers are passe and are old and vintage like campo and abundo, who's done well for themselves, by the way.

i will be surprised if you post this commentary ariel.

doubleroo said...

Dear Anonymous,

Well might we criticize the Philipino chess federation for their numerous imperfections but they are very productive and therefore mistakes occur.

The ACF is cleverly avoiding the error of activity as you are avoiding the mistake of standing behind your comment.

Anonymous said...

I second the need for new leadership and visibility of Philippine chess other than Campo and Abundo and the polarities they have caused all these in years in Philippine chess.

Pichay and the others are not criticized by the previous poster.
The web page is a sorry product that is indeed self serving for Abundo.

Pichay and our new leadership should however enlist the expertise of our other IT and PR talents, sorry Bobby, like the Bobby Ang, Benitez and others.

We should focus and develop our young chess talents, as well as give way for new inspirational leadership.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

Despite winning 7th and 8th round and consistently in the top 10 board for the last 3 rounds and being the highest Filipino scorer as of Rd8, no special mention in the report man lang of Darwin Laylo...tsk..tsk..tsk

is this because he's one of the players who was banned where Ab__do was one of the directors who voted (??) for the their suspension and Ab__do one of the NCFP officer who testify in favor of NCFP on the ongoing court case filed by the accused?

well, i just hope and pray that Laylo will continue his winning streak and make it to the top ten despite the odds (among others:no financial support & irritating face of Ab_l_s in the tournament area)...Good luck Daw!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you ariel. nakaka frustrating lang to watch the current state of Philippine chess.

good luck to Darwin Laylo, also to Rogelio Antonio.

kawawa ang mga chess players natin na for the most part are on their own. sheer talent nalang ang what keeps them going.

our yount talents, wesley so and others need the most support now. i will even chip in and a lot more people will, don't you think?

our other best chess talents meanwhile are playing abroad to bring honor to our country, as well as teach and share their talents to non-filipinos.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to find the tournament website today completely up to date including "live" round 9 games for the top 6 boards!

Reports are that Darwin Laylo made his final GM norm. So does RP have a new GM?

Dimakling, So and Yap are still on the outside to win norms but must win their last 2 games.

Laylo and Antonio, and even Eugene can still possibly make the world cup if they do well in the last 2 rounds.