Thursday, September 20, 2007

Asian Championships Website

Thanks to a poster we've got a site where we can follow the results of the 6th Asian Individual Championships. Go here for daily updates. As you can see, Paragua is definitely playing. And interestingly, Dableo appears nowhere in the field despite his name being mentioned by various media sources. On the other hand, Laylo is there. All this is basically consistent with the length of their respective suspensions handed down by the NCFP, so nothing unusual there.


archer_401 said...

Thanks for coming through once again. Why the NCFP main website doesn't announce the existence of a swiss-manager tournament results website (a first time ever in memory) and even provide a link in its web or newsprint reports is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't known yet, one of the first-round heroes was Cebuano teenager Kim Steven Yap. He recently finished second in the national juniors behind Wesley So. He's currently the top player of USC. He's the son of Cebu's only international arbiter, Lincoln Yap, who now teaches in Singapore's Chess Academy. He's also the grandson of one of Cebu Chess Hall of Famers, the late Marcelo "Loloy" Ruelan. It's such a great feeling hearing Kim's win over the Bangladeshi IM. He's a very aggressive player, which could work for him either way in this tournament, considering he is relatively unknown. It's interesting to see how his tactics fare against such a formidable field. Anyway, he's shot down victim number one, and i hope many more will fall.

The other Cebu-based player in the field, Voltaire Sevillano, is the younger brother of Enrico. He lost in the first round, but i hope he bounces back. He's probably the most talented and well-rounded among players based in Cebu. His big drawbacks are his nerves and lack of exposure outside Cebu or in big-time tournaments.

Anonymous said...

backward pa guid ang NCPF, ang chess IT naton.

kasi nag immigrate ang mga brains.

kung ibigay nila na in-charge si bobby ang or si CG siguro iba, at me class naman?