Friday, May 04, 2007

G'Day! Welcome to Australia!

For our ignorant foreign readers, you might like to check out Edwin Lam's latest educational piece for Chessbase. We hope you'll learn something about our distant land. You know like "there are only two possible options of getting to Australia: by water, or by air". Gee...thanks for that!

And this is very helpful:

Once you touch down at the airport, there are three ways for you to get to Parramatta – where the SIO will be held. You can choose to take a cab from the airport direct to Parramatta – a journey that will take around one to one-and-a-half hour. Alternatively, a cheaper option would be to take the Airport Link to Sydney’s CBD Central train station. At the Central station, you need to change to another train that will take you directly to the Parramatta train station. The last, final and FREE option would be to get a friend in Sydney to come and fetch you at the airport!

In fact we locals just walk it. We like to go on walkabouts in this country. Takes about a couple days or so from Kingsford Smith to Parramatta. But that's alright, we stop by at a nearby river, camp and hunt for 'roos and wallabies. Thoroughly recommended!

And no, we don't mind you calling us 'Roos either. Now what do you call them Malaysians?


Ted Teodoro said...

Gee, TCG, I thought you've cornered the Chess news coverage in that part of the world, but...I was surprised...Yeah, there is a lot of padding in the article that kinda lulled me into a state of cerebral paralysis.

Anonymous said...

The article was great. It was articulate, interesting and had great pictures. Well done!