Thursday, May 31, 2007

Noble Park in PR Drive

Nice job by Dromagoj in the Dandenong Star.


Anonymous said...

Too little, too late.
Should have worried about having paid up members this time last year.
Besides, isn't it the same faces in yet another venue?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Noble Park CC.
Their energy in trying something new shows that willing helpers can make the difference between success and decline.

Anonymous said...

The premises where they meet has all the atmosphere of a surgery.
You're right! It IS the same faces in yet another venue (Usually at the expense of the local council and/or the Bendigo Bank) LOL

Anonymous said...

Then don't play there (and I assume you don't).

Is it possible for anyone to do any small level of promotion of chess - doing their very best to cast the game in a positive light - without being pilloried by the pillocks?

You guys are the whole problem the game has. Everywhere I see people railing against incompetent administration and hopeless organisers but I don't see your own great example turning the game around. Why do something when it's much more fun lobbing hand grenades at the most dubious of causes. Or forget the hand grenade, just throw a handful of pebbles every now and then so anyone who does want to make a difference gets worn away by the fight.

I hope TCG keeps the blog going as his & Shaun's are about the only interesting places to read Australian chess news these days but honestly - the way you can all attack everything, while busily doing f*ck all yourselves (for the most part)- is pathetic.

By all means people must be open to fair criticism but some things don't matter and need not be said - except by the small minded.


Anonymous said...

Have you been there? No?
I didn't think so. You cannot comment from a position of ignorance.
If people criticise administrators it is usually for a good reason, we ARE the players who play the game unlike yourself.

Anonymous said...

So what if its the same faces in another venue?

Isnt that exactly what Boxhill is after they moved to Cantebury? lol.

Sounds to me like someone is jealous of Noble Park being successful.

Keep up the good work Domagoj,victorian chess needs more people like you!

Anonymous said...

Libby is right, if all you want to do is sit back and criticise, then it is probably you that chess would be better off without. I concede that an administrator/official may go off on the wrong track at times, but I think gentle suggestions and offers to help try new things are far better alternatives to just slinging insults and criticism. I bet you sort are the type that if the admin in question approached for any suggestions that would answer, "No, everything is fine".
Come on, put your name up and offer some concrete suggestions on what could/should be changed to make things better and how you intend to help implement these changes.

Anonymous said...

Have I been there? No.

Am I a chess player? No.

How many chess events have I run? Conservatively, more than 100. I probably know something about the package that makes them work for a target audience.

What did your (if it was you)original comment add to TCG's post? Nothing at all.

As a former administrator for more than 20 years across multiple sports I'll just lend my support to those trying to make a move forward as opposed to those who want to throw sh*t for absolutely no good reason other than that they can.

A venue might lack "atmosphere" but it might be available & affordable (some of those little factors administrators might have to deal with) but if it's unacceptable then patrons vote with their feet.

Or - shock, horror - another volunteer could come forward with more than a complaint/whinge/sook and take on the task of finding a more "atmospheric" affordable & available venue.

There's an idea. Might be more productive ...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Don't criticise!
..stuff the chessplayers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who 442 is today :-)
Doesn't really matter does it?
Yeah, I am extremely jealous of Noble Park's "success". I am literally burning with jealousy ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Why are you people trying to slag off Noble Park?

Melbourne is struggling to keep 10 chess clubs going in a city of over 3 million people,and you are trying to drag down one of its newest clubs.

People from all clubs should be supportive of other clubs,you will never know when YOUR club will be the next one to struggle.

Its this negative attitude that is holding back chess in this country.
Chess will only go forward if people are POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE!

Anonymous said...

Personlly i believe that Noble Park is doing a great job with promoting chess- The tournaments are fair and have great atmosphere, everyone is friendly, healthy and strong competition. Everyone who is there always feels welcome.

So 1 for Noble Park!!