Monday, May 07, 2007

Goldenberg Leads Zonal

Thanks to an anonymous poster we now have an update from Fiji. Details are available on the FCF's website. (Oh my God, their site kicks the ACF's ass).

At the round 3 mark, Victorian FM Igor Goldenberg is leading with a perfect 3/3. He will face his toughest test yet in the next round when he plays against Kiwi player Puchen Wang who sports a rating of 2322.

Games are still not available. But we're hoping to arrange at least one IM-annotated game from this event, so look out for that post the competition.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't he played 'nobody's' so far though? Oceania is the weakest zone isn't it? How many GM's are playing?

Justin said...

Is the Zonal a qualifying event for a world cup or championship?

who is the aussie favourite for this tournament? Gary Lane...

Ian Rogers isn't playing? why not?


Anonymous said...

A better question is 'How many IM's are playing?' The field isn't even C Division Bundesliga standard. This tournament is a joke. Gene Nakauchi is one of the leaders of the tournament? LOL

Anonymous said...

trying not to be rude but the comments above seem to be uninformed.

oceania exists because we would be swamped by south east asia (with the powerhouses of the philippines/indonesia/vietnam)
there is also a long history to the reason oceania exists.
maybe it should move back into asia (like the soccer). maybe not.

also, traditionally gm rogers has not participated in fide events
and so hasn't took time out of his busy schedule to play in these events.
similarly, gm johansen has played in the past but has not decided to go this year. other gm's are not eligible.

comparing oceania with the bundesliga is not a good comparison

Anonymous said...

Your local chess club would have a stronger field than this "zonal"! (except for Victoria where competition chess has been run into the ground)

Anonymous said...

The Phillipines is certainly a chess powerhouse but Indonesia???
Vietnam??? If the latter 2 are "powerhouses" what is England, Russia, Germany? Mega-Ultra-Super-Dooper Powerhouses?

Anonymous said...

Well we have already seen the Aus Championships attract a field of...what?...50 odd? ROFL! Looks like the ACF are in the process of running the national competition into the ground.
No wonder Fiji, apart from maybe 4-5 players, has such a weak field.
Even if Australia joined the Asia Zone all of those 4-5 players are well and truly minor masters if they are masters at all!.
How many Australian players got their titles in the "Oceania Zonals" (sic) anyway?

Anonymous said...

links to rounds 1 and 2 gamEs are at the bottom of the fiji page with updates sure to come quicker than the mythical new accf(?) sitE ;)

Anonymous said...

The farcical ACF.

Anonymous said...

The ACF doesn't talk to people who are not lackeys. It only keeps its dwindling supply of lapdogs informed as to their shenanigans. We are very familiar with this in Victoria. 'Farcical' is not the word, 'irrelevant' is a better word.
Didn't last years Elwood Bendigo Bank tournament have a stronger field than the Oceania Zonal? That was a Cat 1 event LOL!

Anonymous said...

To the anon who thinks Vietnam isnt a decent chess country,you should look at the official FIDE site and compare world rankings.

Vietnam is 44th with 5 GM's.
Australia is 59th with 2 GM's.

With good organisation Vietnam has overtaken Australia in a little over ten years.

As to the standard of the field,people should understand that many of australia's top players have next to nothing to gain by going to Fiji. Even if Johansen won the zonal he would more than likely be knocked out in the first round of the next zonal stage.
The cost of going to Fiji,then the next zonal stage would almost negate the prize money you would win.
I have heard that Rogers doesnt play in these zonals nowadays because of his dislike for Kirsan and his dirty money.