Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quick Exit From Teams

It was the first Teams Challenge event today for 2007. There were 16 players teams in all. Our team, dubbed The Closet Grandmasters (actually Parrammata A), began well enough with a 4-0 drubbing of our young opponents. We had Romeo Capilitan on board one, Angelito Camer on two, Ahmed Faris on third board and I handled 4th board duties. Note that Romy Capilitan is now sporting a limp on his right leg. It seems that he sufferred a stroke some months back. Thank Christ the guy's alright. He still has it in him to pull off a stunner or two. Just weeks ago he beat IM George Xie!

I don't have a lot of information to share as I was in a little rush to get out of there - had to go to a motorshow in Lidcombe. Anyway, it was nice to see former Aussie Chess Champion (1970) Fred Flatow turn up. I think his team, Canterbury, may have been the top seeds as they featured George Xie, Adrian Rose, Ernesto Puzon as well as Flatow himself.

Fred Flatow in action for Canterbury

In round 2, we lost our match (I think it was a Sydney Academy team) 3.5 - 0.5. Disastrous really. Only Romy managed to hold a draw. At that point, it was time for me to leave and another Pinoy, Ed Agulto, took over.

So off I went to a modified cars exhibit. Here's a picture I took from the event.

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