Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Australian Championships: Is It Happening?

What is happening with the Australian Championships? But first, let's remind ourselves of the NSWCA's and the ACF's respective raison d'etre.

The NSWCA: "To encourage, promote, maintain and control the playing of Chess in the State of New South Wales".
The ACF: "[T]o foster and control the game of chess throughout Australia".

These words can be found here and here.

It's important to quote these dear readers because it's not at all clear to us if these two bodies are actually doing what they're supposed to do.

As reported by two other bloggers, Matt Sweeney and ex-NSWCA man Trent Parker, a meeting took place on the second last day of the SIO tournament. It seems it was agreed that the ACF and the NSWCA will finally give Peter Parr's proposal a chance after weeks of doing everything they can to stonewall the idea. Another positive outcome was that a meeting was supposed to have taken place between Parr, NSWCA boss Bill Gletsos and university academic Jonathan Paxman to try and approach the University of Technology, Sydney (where Paxman is employed) and secure a venue - possibly for free.

Has the meeting with the university taken place? NO! And why not?

Well it now seems, and this is according to Mr Parr, that both the NSWCA and the ACF are completely washing their hands of the event! Holy Moly. Nearly half way through the year and still we're nowhere any clearer if the all-important event is happening or not. What in the world is going on?


Anonymous said...

I have been guilty of saying Sweeney was going way too far with his attacks on Bill and the ACF. It sure looks like the Swine was right all along. :0

Anonymous said...

i think the organisers need like a bit of bucks fizz; namely reading the previous column about "making your mind up" :E

Anonymous said...

The NSWCA are not fair dinkum about promoting chess in NSW. If they were interested in having the Aussie Champs in Sydney for the benefit of NSW chess and their members, then Parr's proposal would have been up and running long ago. The NSWCA just want do the barest of bare minimum of work possible, so the prospect of having the Aussie Champs in Sydney scares them.

By the way, why are the results from the teams rapidplay still not up on the NSWCA website? As for the website, it is a joke and is in sore need of an upgrade and more user friendly format. How can the NSWCA claim to be promoting NSW chess when they have such a crappy website and do not post their tournament results on it in a timely manner?

Anonymous said...

The NSWCA and ACF are useless.

Anonymous said...

You have a new president of the ACF. This may explain the lack of action. Just ignore the ACF. Hold it privately, get em out of the picture and if they impose on you when it's a success, tell where to go.No mess no fuss.

Anonymous said...

ACF= A Comic Farce.

Anonymous said...

You are all experts on what is going on or what should be done. Both the ACF and NSWCA are run by volunteers.

Why not lend a hand? Maybe the policy in the future should be anyone who complains yet sit back and does absolutely JACK ALL should be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rosario,

You obviously care a great deal about chess. Why not use your blog contructively? Why dont you advertise upcoming NSWCA events? why dont you actively encourage participation? Do you think it helps the NSWCA position when you sit back and critise? Come on get behind chess in NSW. Dont try and destroy it

Anonymous said...

I dont think Amiel is trying to desroy chess in NSW.

But if he perceives a problem then it would be negligent for him to deny there is a problem and just pretend that everythings hunky dory.