Monday, May 28, 2007

What is Aronian's Secret?

Make that "who is Aronian's secret". Early this month the Armenian master defeated GM Vladimir Kramnik 4-2 in their rapid match - a very impressive achievement with some wonderful play. Now playing in the World Championship Candidate's matches in Elista, it looks like Aronian's excellent fortune is set to continue. His secret? The answer is here.

Do I hear wedding bells?

And I've just spotted a radio interview between Arianne and SBS Radio's Filipino program. Download the MP3 here. "There are so many beautiful women in chess", she said. Where?

Just diverting our attention now to something less romantic - those guys in the ACF and NSWCA better get moving over to soon. I'm pretty sure that that's Matthew Sweeney playing one of his usual set pieces. I am so looking forward to a reunion of familiar foes.


Ryan said...

Re: 'The answer is here': Aronian is marrying Boris Gelfand? LOL! I think you meant to link to a different photo!

Anonymous said...

No stupid - look at the bird at the back. It's Arianne. She and Aronian have been an item for some time now (since Turin?)

Anonymous said...

No decent looking women in international chess eh,Amiel?

I think you need to go back to last years Olympiad photos and take a closer look. lol.

Anonymous said...

of course it's Arianne, she's not stupid! Lev and her an item, obviously, finally it's public. She's in Elista, what more evidence do people need!

Reminds me of Bec Cartwright watching her man Hewitt from the spectators seats during his tennis matches. Like most guys up there in sports, they get the okay chics, and good lookers as girlfriends, wives.

Sorry for us regular nerdy looking chess guys, maybe we need to work on our fide rating. LOL!

David Evans said...

Thanks, Amiel. Interesting interview

Anonymous said...

Sell yr blog 2 acf. They could turn it into a frigging freak show like chesschat is now. Seriously tho this is 1 of the only places not infected with acf assholes. If you drop tcg betta make sure some 1 with guts nuff to buttfuk the acf takes it over 4 u.

cheers big ears %}

Anonymous said...

Here comes the bride,all dressed in white.

She's played E4 and everything is all right.