Thursday, May 24, 2007 in Beta Launch

I’m sure we’ve all entered into our browser one day and saw nothing. It's a very obvious domain name after all. Well it seems that 2 years ago, the name was bought by some clever so-called “webpreneur” in Palo Alto, California with designs on creating the “the #1 online chess community!” launched in beta mode last week and, from what I see, things look very exciting.

What I Like
The site is FREE to join, so far anyway. But site owner Erik, with whom I exchanged emails today, said that premium services may be made available at some point in the future. has ambitions to be an all-in-one chess players paradise - for coaches, tournament organisers, players. As expected there is a forum for discussions, news, an events calendar and, something of some interest to me, a blogging service. I took this last one for a little whirl and it ain't bad.

Creating blog posts was easy-peasy. You can read my first post Hello World now. (See also my test posts in the forum with a demo of game annotation). What impressed most was inserting games. Except for the cut-and-paste of the PGN, everything was at a click of the mouse! Total snap.

Also cool is the email service. Not so cool is that we're limited to attachments of only 10Mb and storage of 50Mb. Peanuts, hardly useful. As Erik says, he's not Google!

There is a play function but right now it seems to be only against the computer. The developers, however, are promising the standard user-vs-user ability soon that includes correspondence game play as well. If the site takes off, who knows, they might very well prove a challenge to ICC and Playchess. But that's I guess wishful thinking.

What I don't Like
My first gripe was from the sign-on. There was no confirmation of user credentials via email, so make sure to write down your user ID and password somewhere in case you forget one or both of them.

And the homepage layout reminds me of my personalised iGoogle and netvibes. There are "modules" (or grids) of content around the page. Problem for is you can't actually move these modules around to your liking or even turn them off. For example, "Newest Members" is right smack bang in the middle of my page. Well, I actually care less about who these guys are and more about, say, recent news or blog posts.

There is no way to see my profile as others see it which is a feature that I liked over at LinkedIn. It would also be useful, I think, to have a small dashboard with quick links to common actions like "write a blog post", "read/write email", etc. Right now all I see is a "My Home" link and even that is oddly placed as it's located in the upper right corner of my screen.

For a while I kept wondering where the "Home" link was. There isn't one! If you didn't know that the icon in the upper left does the same job as "Home", then you're likely to be lost. Then again, that's a really minor issue.

Lastly, I do want to see some greater customisation for the blogging service. I'm talking templates, layouts, a personalised URL (i.e. - the works!

All in All could potentially be the game's social networking site of choice! What they need now are some good and relevant content first of all and the crowds will follow. It sounds like they're putting out the call for some help in that regard so any potential bloggers, writers or journos should best sign up now and get in touch.

In terms of functionalities, the basics are there but I'm not sure I'll migrate my blog any time soon. Speaking for myself only, being tied too closely to a chess site for my blogging purposes, when I'm often opinionated, could present some problems. For those who just want to share something about their chess lives like recent tournament performances, games, book reviews, whatever - then will probably do.


Ryan said...

The new website looks really interesting. Thanks for the 'heads up'.

Anonymous said...

Until a couple of years ago, was owned by the software company Afficiondo, who marketed a popular product called "Chess Mentor".

It's a long review Amiel. How much were you paid?

The Closet Grandmaster said...



Anonymous said...

You can view your public profile, after you go to "my Home":

and then there is a red link upper right, "view my public profile".

The my home is your "dashboard" of sorts, with a dropdown on the right for all the various types of content you can add.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of! That was really nice of you :)

As someone else pointed out, you can see your public profile with the red link on your homepage and there is a dropdown that shows you what you can do on your homepage.

I have reworked the email and you can now send 20MB files and every user has 200MB of total space! I know that is not quite Google, but we don't have ads :)

The signup email with username and password is a good idea!

The customizable homepage is another great idea. I'm not sure how soon we could get that done, but it is a solid suggestion that has been noted.

How would you make the My Home stick out more? Also, where would you suggest we put a HOMEPAGE link?

The customized blog piece is a top priority for us. I'd love some more in-depth thoughts on that.

Thanks again for your honesty. There is a LOT to still be done, we know. But, were pretty happy with what has been done so far, especially considering there is only 2.5 of us ;)


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of "chess social networking site".

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Is it down already? Overloaded or offline while adding suggested improvements?