Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's Zhao's Zonal

I guess I have to extend my congrats to IM Zhao for winning the Fiji Zonal. The Sydneysider's final score was 7/9 points. And according to our friend Bill Gletsos, NSWCA prez, an IM title goes to Igor Goldenberg but fellow blogger Shaun Press isn't so sure.

But how about those 2 FM titles? Look, with respect to these kids, here's a word: SOFT! There's a very good discussion about this over at Chess Chat.


Anonymous said...

IM title goes to Puchen Wang. Igor Goldenberg gets an IM norm, as does Bob Smith.

Anonymous said...

Q=Were those titles soft?

Q=Do other zonals in africa,central america and parts of asia have soft titles?

A=Absolutely! Thats where most of them are handed out.

If you dont believe me check out the official FIDE site,you will see plenty of FM's who are struggling to keep their rating above 2100.