Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Danailov: FIDE Are Satanists

The guy just can't hold his tongue. With a talent for theatrics, Veselin Topalov's manager, Silvio Danailov, now likens FIDE's decision to reject their challenge bid as being like Satanism! Outrageous, Danailov says.

So, the Topalov camp is off to court.

News.bg quotes Danailov: "We will take this to the Lausanne Court of Arbitration for Sport...We will file a complaint as soon as we go through the decision of FIDE Presidential Board and see what their motives are".

And speaking of Satanists, the French blog - Echecs, Cinéma, TV et DVD... Léger - spots certain uncanny similarities between Topalov and actor Bela Lugosi. Mr Lugosi was once famous for his portrayals of Dracula! (Our thanks to Boylston and The Knights of Castle Kimbark blogs for that one).


Anonymous said...

This proviso for allowing those over 2700 or ex world champions to challenge at whim ought to be ABOLISHED. It simply upsets the intended regularity of the challengers cycle which most want to reestablish. Moreover it becomes a distracting sideshow or pantomime once certain prima donna become involved.

Anonymous said...

Challengers cycle?

What challengers cycle? lol

They were supposed to have candidates matches last year BEFORE Topalov vs Kramnik.

FIDE is all over the place at the moment,it has no rhyme or reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming "Satanists" is a mistranslation, mishearing, mistranscription, or slip of the tongue for "Stalinists" - seems far more likely.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Topalov's team once describe Kramnik as the "Prince of Darkness"?

If so,satanist would be more appropiate than stalinist. lol.