Friday, January 26, 2007

Eight Players Could Be Guilty

Business Mirror's Ian Brion reported yesterday that 8 players, not 6, could suffer action by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines for game fixing.

With Dableo on the list bared to BusinessMirror by IM Jayson Gonzales, a member of the NCFP committee, are National Master Oliver Barbosa and unranked players Dino Ballecer, Ranier Labay and Merben Roque and Woman Fide Master Sheerie Joy Lomibao and WNMs Enerose Magno and Christy Bernales.

Meanwhile The Philippine Star paper reports of calls by some players for Willie Abalos to step down from the investigating committee. It seems that Mr. Abalos allegedly has some sort of a grudge against one of the players currently under investigation.

The paper quotes an unnamed source: "Out of delicadeza, Abalos should resign as member of the group investigating the game-fixing scandal because he has a quarrel with Dableo."


Anonymous said...

What a turn off these pathetic turn of events in Philippine chess.

From the Philippine Supreme Court's consuelo de bobo's overturning the People's Court decision of Campomanes' "I dunno wha happen to the 12 million pesos," to these conniving fiasco?

The message given to the young chess talents is, that they can do and be like the crooked Campomanes, and or they can be a successful chess player by cheating. Hell, the Philippine Supreme Court will bail them out anyways.

No wonder the chess world suspects Philippine chess players of cheating when they do exceptionally well, like in Hamed Nouri's case.

Seriously, and putting politics aside, the guilty parties, proven beyond reasonable doubt, should be penalized accordingly. This will send the message to the chess world that NFCP runs a clean slate organization.

But, never mind, if the supreme kangaroo court can make a saint of a career cheater like Campo, what's the use?

Anonymous said...

Are there investigation results already? I do hope someone could post it here. Thanks! sorry, i do not have an account here.