Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Perfect 6/6!

While we focus mainly on the main section, it's really only proper to extend our congratulations to Allen Setiabudi. He played and won the Australian Open minor section with a perfect 6 points out of 6 games!

And they are off in the Seniors section. Top seed is FM Brian Jones. The Sydney International Open organiser is the definite favourite for this event but The Australian newspaper's chess columnist and two-time New South Wales champion ('72 and '78) Phil Viner will want to derail Brian's ambitions. Victoria's Leon Kempen, rated 1963, is another danger man.

Lastly, we must thank Caissa that the NSWCA's risible attempt to effectively extend his ban from NSWCA events has not stopped Matthew Sweeney from playing in the major section. Mr. Sweeney had to send an urgent letter to ACF officials to clarify if he could participate. In something of an achievement, Matthew managed to draw with South Australian Erik Staak in round 2.

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