Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 Australian Juniors

This junior championships kicked off this week with over 200 participants. Actually there are seven sections in this event including the junior rapid as well as a problem solving competition. Our international readers will be unfamiliar with most of the names but the Aussie Juniors has produced the likes of GM Ian Rogers ('76), current England resident IM John Paul Wallace ('93), IM David Smerdon ('99) and recent Australian Open winner IM Zong Yuan Zhao (2001). And in 2005, Australia's most recent blockbuster talent Moulthun Ly the was country's junior champion.

After 3 rounds of play, ten players are on a perfect score. Among these guys is the 1555-rated Alexander Buda.

The official website for the tournament has plenty of information including regular bulletins. In one of their editions they use this word that I'd never heard of before: "mawmsey". What the hec does that mean? Just this morning I was introduced to "sesquipedalian". I thought that was bad enough.


Anonymous said...

Interesting report from Australian news

Anonymous said...

Our arbiters are testing the linguistic skills of our participants by planting three "special" words in each Bulletin for them to decipher.