Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Juniors Set for Exciting End

Can Michael Wei remain steady and win the Australian Juniors? Almost from day one his name has remained at the top and after 9 rounds he is in the solo lead with 8 points. Four players - Wallis, Lin, Ikeda and Xu - each having 7 points apiece are in hot pursuit.

In the U18 Girls section, local Emma Guo is herself also in solo 8 points with two other players, Kinder and Yu, closely behind.

I quite like this one between Lin and Wei in the seventh round. Wei lost this game but he recovered his mojo quickly by beating Joseph Nguyen and Ben Lazarus in the following rounds.

By the way, you may have missed this little tip from tournament director, Libby Smith:

We had coverage today on WIN TV (9 regional) news. Apart from interviewing some nameless organiser the story features Abbie Kanagarajah, Megan Setiabudi, Gala Huang and Thomas Feng and I think MP for Fraser Bob McMullan who opened the event.

We also had Senator Gary Humphries out to open the Problem-solving event. This went well with about 100 entries for this first-time event.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks TCG

But you've missed out the most exciting event of the tournament so far! Guy Sebastian & Bobby Flynn (from Australian Idol for the uneducated out there) were playing chess poolside today.

Check out today's Bulletin (25/1) for the happy snap.


PS I can't quite claim credit for that. The Doma Hotel group are sponsors of Australia Day Live 07 - a concert at Parliament House (shown on Channel 10)so we have some of the performers here.

I'm stalking The Whitlams but haven't found them yet ...