Monday, January 01, 2007

African Nightmare - An Aussie Connection

A while ago, we posted about this incident in South Africa. There is an even more detailed article about this on the Association of Chess Professionals website (which I'd previously missed) by GM Arthur Kogan himself.

Our Australian readers will note that international master Alex Wohl's name is also mentioned. It seems that he was one of the players invited by the organiser, Jackie Ngubeni. In an exclusive, we can present Alex's side of this story. Below are exact screenshots of his email to Chess South Africa.

IM Wohl's email above was one of the materials used by the Chess South Africa Ethics Committee in their investigation of GM Kogan's complaint. The Ethics Committee's report can be read whole here.

On 27 December, 2006 - CHESSA Executive Committee advised Jackie Ngubeni, via email:

The Executive Committee has examined the report and is in agreement with the prima facie conclusions of the report viz that you have brought chess in South Africa into disrepute.

In light of the above the Executive Committee of CHESSA resolves that you be given a period of 10 days (which will expire on 22 December 2006) to indicate in writing whether or not you wish to be afforded an opportunity to appear before the Executive Board and give reasons why the recommended punishment should not be ratified and implemented. If you give notice of your intention to appear before the Executive Committee , then you will be advised of the date in January 2007 as well as the place of such a meeting. Proof by yourself that you have made payment to GM Kogan of his travelling costs would be taken into account by the Executive Committee in mitigation of the proposed punishment.

Should you elect not to make use of the above-mentioned opportunity, the Executive will accept the contents of the Report by the Ethics Committee, together with its annexures, as conclusive proof of your guilt.You are hereby notified that, in such an event, the following punishment will become effective with effect from 1/1/2007 and shall be applicable for a period of 3 (three) years :

1. You are prohibited from organising, or in any manner being associated with, any International tournament in South Africa.
2. You are disqualified from representing South Africa, CHESSA - or any Associated Body of CHESSA - in an Official capacity, whether in South Africa or Internationally.
3. You are warned not to purport yourself to be a representative of CHESSA or any of its Associated Bodies.

Jackie Ngubeni did not respond to the above email and the 3-point punishment mentioned above are now in effect.

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Anonymous said...

GM Tony Miles,a friend of Alex's,got screwed a few times like this. I guess its one of the pitfalls of trying to be an international chess player.

At least he had a good time in Soweto and doesnt seem bitter about the experience.