Saturday, January 27, 2007

Paul Broekhuyse Upsets Xie

I arrived in time at the NSWCA Australia Day weekender to witness a sensational win in the third round by former ACF webmaster Paul Broekhuyse over IM-elect George Xie. Paul was quite happy about that one.

It was also good to see my old friend Romy Capilitan in this tournament. I hadn't seen him for some time. Against Neil Wright, Romy was several minutes up to Neil's last few seconds plus advantage in the position. But, amazingly, the game finished a draw. When I asked Romy why he gave his opponent such a peaceful finish, his reply was: "He's my friend."

Typical Filipino answer!

GM Dejan Antic looked to be in some trouble against Jason Hu but the visiting grandmaster eventually won. Antic, at the finish, said, "I was lucky again".

After three rounds, 4 players were leading on 3/3. These were Antic, Bjelobrk, Broekhuyse and Suttor. Sixty-two players are pariticipating in the event.

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