Thursday, January 11, 2007

Games Fixing Suspects Named

This latest fiasco to hit Philippine chess is steadily gaining steam. So far, the names of those players who are under NCFP investigation have been hidden. But today, local RP paper Business Mirror apparently obtained a leak of the players' names and published them in today's report by Ian Brion.

The players under investigation, according to Business Mirror, are grandmaster Mark Paragua, IMs Ronald Dableo and Darwin Laylo, National Master Oliver Barbosa, Melvin Roque and Enerose Magno.

If found to be true, this is surely going to do some damage to RP chess just as it seems to be going through a revival, which is why we completely support harsh penalties to be imposed by the NCFP. The alleged involvement of Paragua, Dableo and Barbosa are also very concerning and surprising. I really do hope that these will remain just allegations for the sake of these guys' careers and, most importantly, for the sake of RP chess as a whole.

We are eagerly awaiting further updates from our contacts in RP. Stay tuned.


The Closet Grandmaster said...

Mr gray -

No, I don't believe so. From the information we have, it seems to be just a group of players, referred to in some reports as a "network", who pretty much decide certain outcomes between themselves and for their benefit.

And I am not aware of any rival organisation. If you have in mind the old PCF, that body has not existed for a number of years now.


Anonymous said...

although these fixers may be true, we cannot prove them. the best way to combat these guys dableo, laylo, paragua, et al, is not to suspend or ban them. let them play and then beat them fair and square! and how are we going to do that? thru IM and future GM Wesley So, the true hero of Philippine Chess!

Anonymous said...

The best way to combat the fixers is to have more foreigners playing. Diversity of fields makes it harder for players who have pre arranged draws/losses to have such a calculated impact on the final crosstable.