Sunday, March 05, 2006

2010 Bids Update

We have an update on the bids for the 2010 Olympiad. According to IM Jovan Petronic, reports in Serbia & Montenegro media indicate that Estonia may not be a genuine candidate.

In the local Serbia & Montenegro media, I read yesterday that Estonia is not a candidate for the Olympiad 2010, and that this nomination is an error!? Still no confirmation on the official FIDE website, though.

Aah, that would be a real pity. Oh well, I guess my bet now goes to S&M.

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Milan Lee said...

Srdja Dragasevic, president of Montenegro chess federation, said that Estonia is not the candidate. Furthermore, he said that applications of Russia and Argentina are incomplete as they haven't fullfiled 10 FIDE conditions (they don't have infrastructure yet)