Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Good Chess Wife

Our columnist hero, Bobby Ang, has a good wife. She rates a mention in his book, Inside Philippine Chess and also in this column recently. Cathy Rogers is another good wife. We can say the same of Irina Berezina - married to IM Vladimir Feldman. There are many others, of course, and they are all good because they permit their husbands a second love affair. Chess.

Linda Steiner-Mander is another such good wife. Out of love and devotion, Linda has taken out a most unusual personal ad on behalf of her husband. She is looking for his second playmate. No, not for a bit of, you know, kikiriki on the side - but, to play chess.

Says Linda, ""The idea is to surprise him on his birthday so he can resume one of his hobbies. ... We don't have a chess club here anywhere that I know of".

From The Derrick.

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