Friday, March 31, 2006

Honest Trent

Thank God for honest men! And we thank, in particular, one Trent Parker. This NSWCA council member has just delivered a bombshell that is sure to rock the inner world of our state association.

Writing about the unjust motion (which has since been amended), proposed by the NSWCA, for the adoption of a nation-wide ban of state-banned players Trent says in his blog:

Now this rule is really only being brought into effect because of one individual - Matt Sweeney. I find Matt Sweeney a decent guy in person. Sure he made some unsavory comments when on online bulletin boards such as Chess Chat and his short lived Uber chess Jihad Bulletin Board and against the NSWCA and one or two of the council members. However i definitely think that the ban that he received was too harsh.

After July Matt Sweeney will be the only Banned player. Ilia Ilic's 2 year ban ends at the end of July. So the Majority of the time that the nation wide ban has been brought forward would be for is Matthew Sweeney. Otherwise if certain members of the NSWCA council wanted something like this proposal earlier, why didn't the NSWCA delegates to the ACF propose this when Ilic's ban first started? If the answer is that there was a proposal from another state and NSW just hopped on the bandwagon then why the urgency in bringing it forward?

We can only say that we wish Mr Parker the best of health and to watch his back.

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