Sunday, March 26, 2006

Unfair Seedings

The Philippines national airline is represented by the three letter acronym, PAL. Those who haven't flown PAL may think that the 3 letters stand for "Philippine Airlines". But to Filipinos, they stand for "Plane Always Late". The constant lateness pretty much represents the character of the Filipino - he likes to take his time, dragging his butt along until the eleventh hour.

Well, we're not quite at the eleventh hour but just a couple of months from the Olympiad, RP still does not have a full Olympiad outfit. As I write, there are elimination tournaments across the archipelago to determine the composition of RP's team. While all these are happening, a minor controversy is about to ignite.

The local federation, National Chess Federation of the Philippines, will seed the country's top 3 grandmasters into the national side. And Mark Paragua is not too happy.

From the Inquirer.

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The Closet Grandmaster said...

Mr gray, I am disappointed in you. You clearly haven't been reading this blog frequently. The NCFP haven't paid their FIDE fees.