Saturday, January 07, 2006

Heading for Queenstown

As this Aussie Championships comes to a close, many players, including Rogers and Chandler, will battle it out again across the water in Chandler's home country, New Zealand. That tournament is set to be NZ's biggest ever.

In preparation for this event, due to begin on 15 January, the NZPA reports of another favourite son of NZ who will make a comeback after a very long absence. He is IM Bob Wade. At age 84, Mr Wade is likely to be one of the older participants.

Born in Dunedin, Wade left New Zealand in the late 1940s to play chess in Europe. He had already won the New Zealand championship three times. In 1950 his results earned him the international master title and he won the British championship in 1952 and 1970.
The news item can be read here.

What is interesting to also note is this regulation that there be no short draws excepting for certain special circumstances. I must say, it sure is a good idea. Queenstown looks set to be a fun tournament.

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