Thursday, January 12, 2006

ACF Medals

Each year, the Australian Chess Federation awards 3 medals. These are the Purdy, the Koshnitsky and the Steiner Medals. This year the winners are FM George Xie, who receives the Steiner Medal, and Canberra's Jenni Oliver, who receives the Koshnitsky Medal.

No recipient was announced for the Purdy Medal.

The Koshnitsky medal is "[a]warded for chess administration on a national or state level". While the Steiner is awarded to the "Australian chess player [with] (greatest impact or notable achievement)". Congratulations to both George and Mrs Oliver.

A full list of past winners are available here.

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The chess nut said...

If my memory serves me correctly...

The Purdy Medal is only given out once every two years. Hence why it was not given out.

The chess Nut