Thursday, January 12, 2006

Anand Looks Back on 2005

In an interview for DNA Sport, Indian grandmaster Vishy Anand sounds a warning to his rivals. He will do better.

Looking back at last year:

Chesswise I am very happy. I played some very beautiful games last year. My game against Michael Adams in San Luis was one of the best I played in 2005. My preparation was more deep. I found new areas to work on and was happy with the results. As a chess player I continued to grow, to learn and enjoy. If I had to compare 2005 with 2004 or 2003, it surely will pale in comparison. But as a stand-alone year, 2005 was good. My rating went up. I won some events and always finished second in all other events. I guess as a chess player it is a fantastic result. But when you are Vishy Anand, generally expectations can be very high.

From DNA Sport.

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