Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chandler - Wade (Round 2)

The UK's Telegraph featured the second round game between these 2 ex-kiwis, Murray Chandler and Robert Wade. It was a fantastic effort particularly by the older Wade.

Article available here with some analysis.

And after 9 rounds, Chandler has taken the outright lead on 8 points. My tip to win the event, IM Alex Wohl (AUS), suffered another setback yesterday as he lost to German, Hendrik Tabatt. The finish was an endgame with the black player being a Bishop up.

Down in the lower boards, I managed to draw against 2000+ rated kiwi Duncan Watts. It was a simple enough game. My idea was to just protect and create a passed d-pawn. I most likely had a winning advantage throughout the middlegame, but sadly - I failed to calculate the most optimal lines and the game ended peacefully.

Today, my assigment is Frenchman Remi Soupizon.

And lastly, my good friend Arianne Caoili once again lost another game, this time to IM Vladimir Feldman. Arianne's games always seem to have her fans nervous. One cannot even bear to watch. She demands a lot from her positions but the downside is, she loses a lot of time. Of course, her opponents must react accordingly and they, too, begin to lose some valuable minutes. Yesterday, Feldman said [to Arianne], "I am so tired, you took away all my energy".

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