Friday, January 13, 2006

A GM and a Zebra

Michael Goeller, my fellow blogger over at The Kenilworthian, can't seem to contain himself over Rowson's latest effort - Chess for Zebras.

For those, like myself, who just want to worry about the chess, Mr Goeller warns, "They might also not be willing to read a lot of prose that is not specifically geared toward annotating games or reviewing opening theory, and Rowson's writing may strike them as a bit dense."

Dense alright. I have in my possession Rowson's first effort, Seven Deadly Chess Sins, and reading that book was like reading through a badly translated French sociological tome. Pick any paragraph and you'd be drop-dead snoring past the first sentence.

Yet I'm sure GM Rowson has many followers. So check out this post from The Kenilworthian.

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Michael Goeller said...

I guess I gushed a bit over that book... :-) Your post confirms my fears, though, that there is not yet a big market for the "academic-style" chess prose that Rowson exhibits. To each his own. I will say, though, that Zebras is a big improvement over Seven Deadly Chess Sins in terms of its readability. Thanks for the link.