Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Winning Wang

Chess in China is in a healthy state. On the current FIDE list, the country boasts 5 players rated over 2600. And names like Ye Jiangchuan, Ni Hua, Xu Jun often appear in the best chess publications. Now it seems there is another young man we have to keep an eye on. His name is Wang Hao.

The 16-year old has just bolted to a 2 point lead at the Malaysian Open. He is on 8.5 points - ahead of Rogers, Antonio, Torre, Adianto and Gonzales who are all on 6.5 points.

Full tables may be viewed here.

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Anonymous said...

Wang was at the World Youth Under 16 Olympiad in Calicut, India 2004. We had to play China in round 1, and it was very obvious that Wang Hao was going to be a very strong player. Manuel was impressed by a particualar opening played by him, unseen by Manuel before, we decided to call it 'the wang'. At belfort, France Manuel then brought 'the wang' into an Australian repertoire. After the tournament(India) we had our photo with the victorious Chinese team with Wang in the center holding the cup.