Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Parr Pounces

I've been so busy I nearly missed it. Our international readers must forgive us now, but it really is time once again to pause a moment and turn to local politics.

Former Olympiad captain and ex-member of numerous FIDE commissions, Peter Parr, sent another series of roundhouse kicks to the NSWCA. In response to the NSWCA president's assertion that:

The NSWCA isn’t affiliated with FIDE. In fact FIDE couldn’t care less about the NSWCA, or any other State Association for that matter. FIDE only recognises National Federations.
Mr Parr wrote:

Firstly in each of these two FIDE Rated events it was a requirement of entry for all the players to be current financial members of the NSWCA . . . The governing body of chess in NSW is NSWCA which is affiliated to the Australian Chess Federation - affiliated to FIDE.

Then later added:

As a very minimum surely the NSWCA council must insist that (A) copies of the games which were not played at the venue (presumably not too many) under the supervision of the arbiter be made available. This will stop speculation about possible other unplayed games.

(B) The NSWCA should also write to the arbiter and receive a written response and (C) also receive a written response from St George Leagues Club Chess Club.

I think now that we can pretty much see that Parr is well and truly preparing for that coup de grace. The problem for the NSWCA is that whatever they say and however they respond will simply make them look like a bunch of calcifying bureaucrats. But of course, they'll try. If the NSWCA were Muhammad Ali, I can imagine them dancing around the ring, doing the moonwalk going forwards in a bent over position. Ever the contortionists.

Let's hope that sanity finally prevails within our once honoured Association and that they simply must do as they are told.

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