Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tournament Bulletins

Months after the 2005 Australian Open tournament ended, Aussie chess fans are still waiting and waiting for their tournament bulletins. These were supposed to have been provided on a CD-ROM. The organiser, George Howard, took $12 from each chesser who wanted a CD. To read this seemingly neverending episode in Australian chess history, then click here.

I mention this because I was just reading the reports of the recently concluded French Championships in Chartres, France. If you click away to the Fédération Française des Échecs website, you'll see that the tourney bulletins are available in PDF for free! Bulletin No. 7, for example, features the women's title winner, Almira Skripchenko. These nicely produced bulletins speak much to the French character I suppose. But such things can be as modest as a simple print out of the previous round's games. At the 112th Congress in New Zealand, that's exactly what the organisers provided - free of charge! Let's hope that our Australian organisers will learn that lesson.

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