Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Earlier this month we learned that the 'Gong's Matthew Sweeney found himself squarely in the sights of a pretty pissed off NSWCA.'s a lesson for us all. Don't mess with the NSWCA!

In their monthly meeting last week, the Council decided to ban Mr Sweeney from all NSWCA events until 2007!

A distraught Matthew had this to say:

The NSWCA can:
process dodgy results, axe the Purdy Memorial, piss off its voluteer new letter writer, ruin the Open division grade comp by "fiddling" with the draw, sit on $80k and do sweet FA with it, rip off clubs who's members are not in the NSWCA, not book the Rose Bay venue, nobble the ACF, cause a 10% yearly drop in membership, regularly start its events an hour late, cram 100 players into the NSW Sardine Open, cause the biggest clubs to plan to "go it alone", do nothing to bring juniors into the senior ranks...BUT the NSWCA cannot tollerate Matthew Sweeney abusing it.

We are hoping to see an exact citation of those specific abuses so the public can decide if this was a legit action or just a witch hunt. Watch this space.

We can discuss this here.


Anonymous said...

Which events are NSWCA events?

If Matthew was in Victoria he would only be banned from one event; the rest are run by Clubs.

Anonymous said...

Weekenders, NSW Open and state championship.

Anonymous said...

The material Mr. Sweeney published on his web-site was unfit for human consumption. It was highly defamatory and obscene. He's lucky he hasn't been sued and lost all his worldly possiessions. One wonders if he'd have wanted his children to read that filth.

Anonymous said...

Who was the proposer of the motion to ban?
Who was the seconder of the motion to ban.
What was the wrding of the motion?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Guys -

I really appreciate you reading and viewing my blog. THANK YOU.

But to discuss this matter, could we please go to chesschat?