Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grandmaster Paragua

Speaking of Pinoy Power, I was wondering what the hec happened to Mark Paragua's GM title application. After their meeting in Dresden, FIDE realeased a communique which said, in part:

The FIDE Commissions and Committees met for their specialized work during the Congress. The Qualification Commission received the report on the Alushta tournaments and after a thorough investigation and lengthy discussions approved all pending title applications while resolving to take measures to prevent fraud in future.

There is also a list of approved title applications but no Paragua! So I checked the ratings. Lo and behold, for the first time I see 'g' against Paragua's name. My heart skipped a beat I must admit. Yes, yes - at last(!) - he is a grandmaster! Paragua thus becomes my beloved Philippines' fifth grandmaster on the current FIDE list.

Pinoy chess appears to be experiencing a resurgence. IM Gonzales is, himself, one norm shy of a full GM-ship. As we say, "Mabuhay Pinoy!"


Nezha said...

Youre also a filipino? Wow! - I'll put your link on my sidebar if you dont mind (and when I find the tim)

GilaChess said...

GM Paragua will be playing in the Zonals 3.3 tomorrow.

I will be there with my camera and hopefully can get some games from the organisers.

Keep your fingers crossed. :)

The Closet Grandmaster said...

That will be excellent Gila...So I take it your back on board now??

GilaChess said...

Yes I am back. Though my wife is going to kill me for spending another weekend covering yet another chess event.