Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kasparov Detained

Allegedly under instructions from the big wigs to give as much trouble to Gary, a Russian border guard was overheard as saying: "How can I stop a Russian citizen from entering Russia?"

This evening (AEST), the Russian newswires are reporting that Gary Kasparov was apparently detained at the Moscow Airport as he was returning from a trip to Croatia. Everyone else in his party got through OK. For more, read the mosnews.com report here.


In this Observer Magazine article last Sunday, Kasparov talks of chess and, of course, his current passion - politics. When asked about his long term aim, the former World Champion replied:

Well, it might be that I find myself very useful . . . It might be that I offer my vision to the country, whether it's accepted or not. I think Russia virtually has to be rewritten from scratch.

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