Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chess' Answer to Poker

A new online chess site has just been launched and this one adds a little profit incentive on the side for those interested in playing for money. From their PR release: launches their new chess website with tournaments for cash prizes, and offers a number of game play options including a new variation of the game: Random Piece Chess. is a family owned business supported by an international team of contributors who help develop and promote the game of chess all over the world.

More from PR Web.

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Ryan said...

I have deep reservations about the idea of playing chess online for money.

The only anti-cheating measure this site seems to take is recommending that games for money have a time control of no more than 30 seconds per move.

This seems wholly inadequate to me. I also laughed out loud at this from their site:

"Please note we had to limit the time per turn in order to avoid cheaters, therefore once your turn time runs out your opponent receives a second turn."

This is so absurd that it makes me wonder if the people behind the site have ever played chess before at all!