Thursday, April 08, 2010

Good Times in KL Open

Did I say Malaysian ambush? Did I say something about laksa? Peter Long can be as modest as he likes to be, but I know one Australian who's having a good time in the currently ongoing KL Open (useless website, but check here).

International master Aleks Wohl is enjoying himself so much that he's dropped a couple of games! In the second round, the Australian lost to Ronnie Lim (2294) then lost again in the next round to Jahongir Vakhidov (2177).

Admittedly, both opponents are no mugs but methinks one of our favourite IMs is just having too much fun. Flying with Emirates, being smoke free, food aplenty. Sheesh, that's the life.

From his blog:

After my winge yesterday I thought I'd share a happy story with you. Flying Emirates is a Joy. Great website, nice modern fleet, only downside, too many movies to choose from to get any sleep. I ended up watching "Men who stare at Goats" and "Corporation". The Airport is the best I can think of. After a refreshing shower we are now enjoying free Wi-Fi at a cafe with HUGE Cappuccino's.

Note that there are 2 kiwis in the field - FM Robert Smith and wife, Vivian. Robert is doing just slightly better than Wohl after winning two games in a row.


Anonymous said...

Check out my website covering the KL Open.

Anonymous said...

Can you cover more news from RP? Chess bloggers from that side of the world only knows two things, cut and paste.