Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indian Press on Anand

As expected, the Indian press are paying close attention to the Topalov v Anand match in Bulgaria. The Mid Day's Manisha Mohite writes about Anand's 15th move in the second game: "Kasparov was not the only one who raised an eyebrow! This move was the most discussed and debated among enthusiasts to top players and commenting Grandmasters to analysts on various chess websites. Was it a home prepared idea, a blunder, a mediocre move, a stroke of genius or Anand simply playing bluff?"

While over on the Times of India, Hari Hara Nandanan asks if their boy's first game setback was due to human error.

"In fact, an Aussie GM, who has been covering Anand's matches at this level, reported that he (Anand) looked shell-shocked after the game. This is not a good sign because chess lovers would be tempted to go back in time and find a parallel in the game that Garry Kasparov won in New York in 1995 after Anand had taken the lead in the PCA match", writes Hari.

Of course, that Aussie GM is none other than GM Ian Rogers who, by the way, has a couch potato's guide to the whole event here.

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