Monday, April 12, 2010

Super Friends vs Checkmate

The name "Smallville" is quite familiar to chess fans the world over. Not only is it a popular TV series, but it is also the moniker of one grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura. If I'm not mistaken Naka actually took that name from the TV show.

Now it seems that Smallville's producers are making their own homage of sorts to the game. Episode no. 916 has a chess theme.

Chris Carabott wrote a review here:

The opening sequence delivered some great action beats and played on the chess motif that continued to be carried throughout the entirety of "Checkmate." I really enjoyed how every other scene throughout the episode really did feel like a chess piece being played by either side. It gave the story a great pace throughout and the action and story never letup. Smallville could stand to have more of this type of pacing in their episodes.

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