Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Olympiad Fund Appeal

Look to the right and you'll see a new addition to the blog. It's a banner that links to this year's ACF Olympiad Fund Appeal.

For site owners or bloggers, I have created a handful of banners that you can freely download from my flickr stream and integrate into your web pages. These are all made using the standard Internet Advertising Bureau banner sizes, so there ought to be little problems with design integration. I'm planning to create a skyscraper, too, for sites that prefer that format, but that will take me some time.

For everyone else (of course, I mean my Aussie readers), do make sure that you contribute to this year's Olympiad Fund. I know first hand that it's deeply appreciated by the players. When I was in Dresden in 2008, I spoke to the players and they couldn't believe how much money they got! The money helps aplenty with air fares and other costs.

Two years ago, I think the ACF hit about nineteen grand with a much lower target. This year the goal is higher at $32K. Hopefully, we can take a significant chunk off of that!

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