Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Give Anand a Fair Go

I'm getting totally confused with what's happening to the Topalov v Anand match. Is it a go or not?

The opening ceremony is supposed to be today and game 1 on Friday.

Chessbase is reporting that FIDE is considering a postponement (with a "decision to follow"), while some external press report is flatly saying that there will be no delay.

In any case, it strikes me as massively unfair to insist that the match should start on schedule. A 40-hour drive, and all of it could not have been through picturesque surroundings, can be energy-sapping. Anand and his team should have time to relax and settle in.

The right thing to do for these Bulgarians is to quit behaving like spoilt brats and give the Indian bloke a fair go!

The chess world demands a fair contest.

UPDATE: Here's an exclusive photo of the press con that was arrange for TCG and our readers by the good guys over at ChessDom. These guys are well-connected in Bulgaria so I hope that they're coverage will outclass all others. There's more from ChessDom on their album site.

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