Saturday, April 03, 2010

Naroditsky Copied Dvoretsky?

Last week I posted about this new book by some kid in the US named Daniel Naroditsky. He's a 14-year old FIDE master who's been dubbed by no less than the USCF as the "youngest chess author ever".

I've not read the book, but Arne Moll over on Chessvibes has and he's written a review about it here.

Mr Moll seems totally convinced and describes our child author as, "[a] self-conscious and modest, realistic and reasonable author with an amazing talent for explaining what’s going on during a game of chess. I hope this review doesn’t make him spoiled, because I am already eagerly awaiting his next book, which I hope is just as refreshing as Mastering Positional Chess."

But Chessvibes readers are clearly a clever and attentive lot, pointing to possible improprietites. That led our reviewer, Arne, to this: "In conclusion, I’d say we shouldn’t focus too much on a few examples where Naroditsky perhaps copied too optimistically from their or other sources. His book stands as an excellent resource for learning positional chess – a kind of modernized Dvoretsky ‘light’, you could say."

We wait for a press release from FM Daniel Naroditsky and his publisher rebutting that accusation.

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