Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mystery of the Missing IM

Just days prior to this year's Doeberl Cup event in Canberra, mystery surrounds the 2005 edition. More specifically, the trophy!

According to current cup organiser Charles Bishop, the cup only has the name I. Rogers (as in GM Ian Rogers). But my photo of the cup, taken the following year in 2006, clearly shows both Ian's and official co-winner A. Wohl's (as in IM Aleks Wohl) names.

So what cup does Mr Bishop have? Is it a fake one? Where's the real one, then? If it's the same thing, then we have to ask the same sorts of questions that Mr Peter Parr asked: who replaced the engraving and who authorised it?

There's more about this over on Australia's most popular chess bulletin board, Chess Chat. Read from post no. 505 by Bill Gletsos. A couple of relevant entries are also on Wikipedia's discussion page.

Whatever the outcome of this new, albeit I think little, controversy in Aussie chess that has so far drawn some of the usual heavyweights, I am so glad that I can still contribute to chess there across both physical and temporal distance.


Charles Bishop said...


And if you also read my subsequent post you will see I said I may have not seen the second inscription and that I will check when the cup returns from the engravers later next week. If you have a photo it is more likely my poor reading of the cup not a switch arooney on plaques or anything as elaborate!

doubleroo said...

Seriously? This is still a topic of discussion? Really Amiel, I didn't care then and I couldn't possibly care less now.