Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Karpov Vies for FIDE

Chessvibes is reporting that Karpov will be a candidate for presidency of FIDE.

Sunday night Anatoli Karpov landed at the airport of Saratov, Russia for a simul and a meeting with the local governor. There, according to local news agency SarInform, Karpov announced that he has the ambition to become FIDE President.

“It is necessary to restore order,” Karpov was quoted. “The problems with the World Championship, the calendar, changes of decisions, changes during a cycle, this didn’t happen before. Besides, the prestige of the World Champion should return to its old level.”

Somehow I have big doubts over Karpov's candidacy. Ilyumzhinov and his mates are far too entrenched now, I think, to be movable. I remember very well that journalists' meeting in Dresden when famed Spanish chess journo Leontxo Garcia suddenly remarked (words to this effect), "if you want to see corruption, just go in there", while pointing to the main hall where the FIDE delegates where also meeting. The whole thing is a joke!

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chessx said...

Wow what a story,perhaps Kasparov for vice presrdent!!!!!